Pique Assiette Mosaic Art

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Pique assiette, the French approach to mosaic, is said to translate to swiping food off someone else’s plate. Perhaps because I’m a writer, I often use plates with images and text to create truly original pieces that have a theme — the London Metro, Japan, Woodstock, Paris, New York, Andy Warhol, food and wine.

The process is exacting. I treat the tiny shards as if they are paint, and accent the work with elements that excite and surprise. My designs are abstract and dynamic. No two views and no two piece are alike. Color is significant; which includes the selection of grout.

To personalize a custom-ordered mosaic, I can include photos and pieces of text (often snipped from an invitation for newlyweds).


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Limited Edition Pique Assiette Mosaic Art

Limited Editions

Browse to see bold and contemporary vases, planters, lamps, kitchen utensil holders and tables, designed primarily with carefully chosen plates that are meticulously nipped and combined. Images and words often create a theme or tell a story. The Breaking News Series comments satirically on America’s current political, economic and social issues. Fans of Stephen Colbert, Lily Tomlin, Mel Brooks, Carl & Rob Reiner will enjoy biographic mosaics in the Celebrity Collection.

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Custom Order Pique Assiette Mosaic Art

Custom Orders

Order your custom mosaic art today or bookmark the site and think of Sybil as a resource when you need a special gift. She will design a distinctive vase, picture frame or other mosaic piece to your specifications. Custom ordered pique assiette mosaics can be personalized by including photos, names, date or text (part of an invitation, business card, etc.). Each project is special and personal. Look at Limited Editions and the Custom Order Galleries to get ideas.

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